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Getting this thing to work

2019-02-13 15:46

So I've spent a considerable amount of time this morning setting up the blog "guts" and I don't know whether I should really be proud of that.

I've written a simple Python script that converts almost-html into a proper html, adds headers, footers, styles, and generates an archive page to be able to easily link to all the pages I've made. It has some incredibly uncomplicated logic at this point, but that doesn't matter, since I don't have much material written yet anyway.

All of this is hooked up to Git (although I haven't made it auto-deploy the website on pushes yet). Shit's cool as heck.

I'll also add RSS feed generation eventually.

One thing that I became acutely aware of was that I've immediately started making plans for improving this piece of software, and making exciting new features and coming up with technical ideas... All while ignoring the fact that I don't even have the actual content on this damn website yet.

And that's how it always goes in my mind. With everything. I think a lot of people feel the same way.

How do you even deal with that?

I honestly don't know the answer. I guess, I could try to drill into my head to always focus on the content first, think of the technical parts later.
Also, some examples from programmer-folk who produce incredible articles, yet have websites that are as simple as one can get, are quite encouraging.
If they can do it this way, why can't I?


Right now all of this looks more like an unobstracted train of thought, and it is. Maybe eventually I'll figure out a good way of editing these pages, so that people would actually care to read them and want to come back for more.

But it doesn't have to be perfect. Not on the first try, nor on the N+1'nth.


One thing that I found somewhat curious yesterday was that I was initially quite scared of posting that first blog post on twitter, as if that would somehow affect me in any negative way.

What actually happened was that nobody cared, nobody even noticed that tweet. Which is kind of a good thing, I guess.

I should probably stop slacking off at work and get back to doing my actual job. The blog can always wait. Also, I still don't know how frequently I should post here, and what kind of posts do I really want to write. Oh man. Oh man.

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